2016. november 27., vasárnap



Pubs are definitely really popular in Ireland. People are well-dress, the atmostphere of the pubs is amazing, I really enjoyed listening to the live music every time we went out. I was also happy to realise that I can get gluten free food almost everywhere. 

Here is some pictures illustrating my pub experienc - food - food everywhere:

2016. november 19., szombat

When you need to run away

Bray-Greystones walk

I am getting busier and busier. The deadlines are coming but I am working hard, I actually really enjoy working with my 6 groups. I have met amazing people and I feel that the lectures are very enjoyable, I believe that my professores are motivated and well-prepared. I am very satisfied with the university.

Since it is a Saturday, it was time for me to go on a day trip again - this time all by myself. I was sitting and walking alonside the ocean, it was so relaxing I could spend hours just staring at the ocean. 

I love Ireland.

2016. november 12., szombat


 Town tour - Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a lovely Irish town. I was amazed by the very narrow, pretty streets and buildings. We also visited the Castle and the churches of the town.