2016. szeptember 30., péntek

Dún Laoghaire - my only true love

Dún Laoghaire - my only true love

Studying studying studying.... 

Oh wait, it's Friday again! What do I do on a Friday? I go to the harbour!!! If Howth was breathtaking I don't know what to say about Dún Laoghaire - the new place I cannot pronounce. 

It can be reached by Dart as well and it is my new favourite place. I had a long day in the university, I was working with my groups and this is exactly what I needed.

2016. szeptember 25., vasárnap

The place I can never pronounce - Glendalough

The place I can never pronounce - Glendalough

The semester has already started, I am studying hard during the week so that I can make day trips during the weekends. Today we have visited Glendalough.

2016. szeptember 24., szombat

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Kilmainham Gaol Museum

Today we have decided to learn a little bit about the Irish history. The jail was honestly really impressive. 

2016. szeptember 17., szombat

Botanical Garden

Joline and Dóri in the Botanical Garden

Today my flatmate and I have decided to visit the Botanic Garden of Dublin. 
It was an amazing day, the weather was in our favour as well. My dutch flatmate is studying landscape architecture  and it was an amazing experience for her to have a closer look at the different trees and leaves. She is able to make the difference between the trees based on the shape of their leaves. I believe I have learned a lot today as well and of course I was also enjoying the beautiful plants and flowers.
I can hardly reccommend you guys to visit this place if you have a chance. :)

2016. szeptember 11., vasárnap

Oh Howth, you beautiful

The windy Howth

Honesty, I have never experienced such a windy weather before...It was sooo strong, I could hardly climb up to the hill, bit I did and It was worth is.

Today was the first organised tour of ESN and we visited Howth. This is a lovely place which can be reached by Dart just in a half hour. I really enjoyed this day, I finally get to see the ocean and it was amazing. I am having the best time of my life. 

Me and my friends were walking toward the lighthouse, had a delicious fish and chips an coffee and enjoyed the sound of the ocean.

2016. szeptember 10., szombat

Dublin walking tour

Dublin walking tour

I don't need to say more. Dublin is an amazing city. Today I had the chance to visit the Trinity College, the St Stehan's Green, the Christ Church Cathedral, the Spire, the Temple Bar District and other famous and amaing places. 

Dublin, I love you!